About Us

UFIRE is an organization made up of citizens from all walks of life who are concerned about Utah’s laws rewarding illegal immigration.

What needs to be done?

The question one asks themselves after learning about the current problems and what we are about and hope to accomplish is how they can help. Even when they find themselves in agreement they don’t know how to help.

There are ways. Even if they have never been involved in political movements, they can still become involved. Prior experience in establishing public policy at the level required is not necessary. Ask anyone who has been involved in public policy campaigns, they will tell you that you too, can get involved. It can be quite rewarding. It can be quite a lot of fun as well.

Most people do not understand is that it is individuals who accomplish change. It is not organizations, not groups, nor the causes themselves. The key element of change is the individuals that are willing to get involved. Then, and only then, can the organization or group accomplish the goal. There really is no other way! Without individuals getting involved, nothing happens.

To get started, register as a volunteer with UFIRE. Your local district chair will contact you. They will let you know what is happening in your area. They will also let you know the most effective, and simplest ways to get involved. Much is to be done. They can work with your schedule and find ways that you can really assist in this cause.

Change isn’t just going to happen. We need to make it happen!

Our contact information

Telephone: (801) 998-8048 (Outside SL County toll charges apply).