Adventure Wedding Ideas to Celebrate U.S. Citizenship

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime magical moment to get your green card for U.S. citizenship. Well, not unless you plan on doing it again with another person or you and your husband want to renew your vows. Nonetheless, for most people, a wedding only happens once. Thus, you have to give it your all to make it extra magical and remarkable. And the last thing you would wish your wedding to be is to make it boring and dull.

Couple at the immigration officeWhy not veer away from the usual wedding themes and go for something more adventurous and fun? Since you’re now a U.S. citizen, you can now travel around easier than just stay in the reception with Around Town Entertainment in New Jersey providing your guests with live music.

Show you and your groom’s crazy side through this fun and out-of-this-box wedding adventure ideas:

1. In a hot air balloon

Well, you don’t have to fly to North Carolina to do this (but would be better if you do so). As long as there is a place to do a hot air balloon ceremony, then you are good to go. Say ‘I Do’ while the balloon is flying up in the sky. It can just be you and your groom plus the officiating pastor or priest. The guests can wait for you on the ground (if in case you’ve decided to invite other people in).

2. At the viewing deck of one of the tallest hotels in the world

One of the best places to do it is at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE. This hotel is the third tallest hotel in the world standing at 1,053 feet. The wedding will take place at the hotel’s helipad which is 700 feet high. This is something not fit for the weak at heart, especially if you have a fear of heights. But hey! This looks wonderfully adventurous!

Iceland wedding with volcano backdrop3. Inside the crater of a volcano

Well, you have to choose the appropriate volcano for your wedding. And one that is perfect for wedding ceremonies is the Þríhnúkagigur Volcano in Iceland. Imagine riding the open elevator system going down the volcano which is 400 feet. Sounds fun, right? You can also enjoy a private dinner in the giant magma chamber.

4. With the Monks in Bhutan

Feel the serenity of the ceremony at the ancient temple in Bhutan while the monks are praying for you and giving you blessings for your marriage. You can even wear traditional Bhutanese costumes to make it more dramatic.

5. Inside an aquarium

Yes, you have read it right. You can opt to say ‘I do’ inside an aquarium in Paradise Island in the Bahamas. This goes if you and your groom are certified scuba divers. You can plunge down under Atlantis’ 2.7 million-gallon Ruins Lagoon where approximately 20,000 fishes and artifacts can celebrate with your union.

6. On top of the mountain

Mountain weddingThis goes especially if you and your groom are both mountaineers. Hike up the tallest mountain in your area and shout to the world your loving “I Do’s.” You can choose to do it before sunrise, so both of you can watch the sunrise together as husband and wife or before sunset as you both marvel at the majestic beauty of the setting sun together. You can also have your honeymoon on top of the mountain inside your love tent.

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