Anxious? Try This Anti-Anxiety Diet

Worried about your visa or citizenship status? Are you suffering from anxiety? Then perhaps you can try this anti-anxiety diet!

Yep, you’ve read it right. There is actually a diet designed for those suffering from anxiety.

Although anxiety is not caused by the food you eat, but your diet plays an essential role in how you feel, especially when you are feeling concerned if your citizenship status will be approved or being separated from your family.

To be able to fight or overcome anxiety, you need to eat healthier. It makes a difference to eat healthy since it can keep your anxious feeling in check. You can also try MBSF custom vitamins to assure you that all the necessary nutrient demands are fulfilled.

So how do you do that?

First off, veer away from eating fried food. As much as possible, totally remove this from your system since fried food are hard to digest, and they have small nutritional content. Likewise, it also contributes to heart problems. You can’t reduce your anxiety if your body is not processing well the food that you consume.

If you love drinking beers or different kinds of alcohol, better to put off that habit now if you are serious about overcoming your anxiety attacks. Alcohol is not good for the body, and it can dehydrate you, as well as throw off your hormone and nutritional balance.

Coffee lovers may not like this news, but too much coffee can really cause you to feel more anxious since coffee creates a fast heartbeat and other sensations that may cause panic attacks.

Even dairy products are a no-no since an excess of it can heighten the adrenaline levels and contribute to an anxious state more.

Avoid eating food that contains refined sugar as well since it can arouse or stimulate the body that can create a jitteriness that triggers anxiety symptoms. However, fruits in sugar are OK to eat.

You diet can relieve you from anxietyFood like yogurt, eggs, pickles, sour cream, wine, and liver are all acid-creating food. They may be delicious, but they can make the magnesium levels in the body go down. Since magnesium is the main contributor to anxiety. Although when you avoid eating this food can’t guarantee that your anxiety will be totally gone, but at least it can help reduce it. Just remember to eat food in moderation.

Likewise, if you want to reduce your anxiety levels, you opt for nutritious food like fresh fruits, vegetable, and water. Tryptophan-rich food like oats, soy, and poultry. You can also eat magnesium-rich food like black beans and tofu. Furthermore, go for food that has Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, flax seed, and winter melons.


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