Custom IoT Hardware

We can design hardware for any requirements. We specialize in battery powered devices that can work for months or years at a time.

Sensors include:

  • Air: temperature, humidity, pressure, dew point, VOCs, CO2, particulates
  • Water: temperature, conductivity (EC), pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, turbidity
  • Location: GPS, rotation, orientation, distance, acceleration
  • Light: power, color, PAR, lux
  • Soil: conductivity (EC), temperature, water content
  • anything else there is a sensor for

Use any communication method:

  • BLE: good for interacting nearby
  • WiFi: for buildings with a router
  • LoRa: for sensors up to a mile apart
  • LoRaWAN: like LoRa, but with more robust networking
  • VHF through satellites: suited for locations that are totally geographically isolated

We will box it in the most appropriate NEMA or IP rated enclosure, add solar panel battery charging if you want and conformally coat components.

In short, we will put it together so it will last.

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