Driver’s License

Reasons for Concern about Driver’s Licenses

Many ask why there is a concern over illegal aliens obtaining a valid Utah driver’s license (DL). There are many reasons besides the basic fact that a DL should be reserved for US citizens and Utah residents.

The primary concern is that of National Security. Currently, the process which an illegal alien goes through, to get a valid DL starts by getting an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number). They then take this “identification” to the state DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) and present it as an ID number instead of the Social Security number that they do not have.

Practically anyone can get an ITIN, it is easy to obtain. It has been obtained often for fraudulent purposes. Essentially, no verified identification is required to get an ITIN.

Once the DL is obtained, the holder is absorbed into the system – with a valid ID. When a police officer pulls these people over, he gets presented with an ID that tells him nothing about the person using this very real ID. They could have an outstanding warrant for murder, rape, drugs or they could simply be a terrorist. They could have six DL’s! These people do not want to be identified other than by the name they gave on the ITIN and used on the DL. A valid DL is the “gateway” to American society.

It is the single most used identification in this country!

Fifteen of the nineteen September 11 terrorists sought to obtain them. The families that lost loved ones in the September 11th terror attack certainly understand the importance of having good identification behind every DL. They know that it is absolutely necessary, and are supportive of what we are doing in Utah.

Registering to vote is even happening!

Here is how it works: Get the ITIN number (requiring no ID), take that ITIN number to a DL examiner, complete the DL application form, and check the YES box to register to vote. This DOES register one to vote, whether they lie on the form about being a U.S. citizen or not. If questioned by the only other person in the entire process that might check (the election judge), just give them the new DL as identification!