How do I cancel?
Send an email or fill out our Support form.

What about refunds?
If you paid yearly, you can get a refund for whatever months are remaining. Monthly plans can't be refunded once the monthly billing cycle starts.

What if I run out of space?
Your SSD space is shared with the operating system and database. If you run out of space, you'll experience OS errors on top of the inabiliy to write to your database. You'll need to either shrink your database or move to a larger plan.

What about using too much processor time?
Your service will be throttled for a period of time and you'll get an email about it. If throttled performance isn't an issue, you can continue this way occasionally.

What about Grafana?
InfluxDB2 doesn't play nicely with Grafana yet. When it's ready, Grafana will be added as an option.