In-State Tuition

One of only four states!

Utah is one of only four states that allow illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition. The technical aspects of this law are that the illegal immigrant must be in the State of Utah for three years, and either graduate from a Utah public school or have obtained a GED. They then become FOREVER eligible to receive in-state tuition rates. Legal immigrants are not given this benefit, and even American citizens who grow up in Utah lose their eligibility for paying in-state tuition after being absent from the state for a few years. This law grants more rights to Illegal Immigrants than it does our own citizens!

To better understand, the taxpayers of this state supplement higher education. For example, at the University of Utah, the cost of educating one student is over $3000 a semester. An in-state resident student pays only one third of the $3000, or just over $1000 a semester, with the balance of over $2000 being paid by the taxpayers of the state.

We have now extended this benefit to our illegal immigrants!

When the law was passed enabling this to occur two years ago, the supporters of the bill assured us all that no more than fifteen foreign students would qualify for the reduced in-state tuition rate. Already, those having qualified has reached over 200 students, and the number is rapidly rising!

One other thing to keep in mind is that it is against the law for an illegal immigrant to obtain employment in the United States. Why are we subsidizing the education of illegal immigrants when they are not going to be legally allowed to work here after graduation?

This is occurring at a time when we are already raising student tuition, and enforcing enrollment caps at some of our univirsities – because of a lack of funding.

Interestingly, men and women in the military stationed at Hill Air Force Base are expected to pay full price tuition, with no reduction. Why are we favoring illegal immigrants over our military personnel? This law, even though it is only a few years old, needs to be repealed.