Supplements That Help Erase the Signs of Aging

Stress-related aging at a surprisingly fast rate in this world is inevitable. It’s something you expose yourself every day. It can be damaging to your health, relationships and even your work environment. But take heart. Though stress is ever constant, there are ways to manage it. Though proper exercise and diet can keep your stress levels at bay, supplements can also help, especially with protecting your body and skin from aging.

Here’s a guide to the best supplements to manage stress and aging. Supplements include ingredients that may help deal with the stress you may be facing, which is a big factor as to why some people age faster than others.

If you have been having doubts, try these natural supplements to help you fight the signs of aging and stress. A word of note, though. Do consult your doctor before trying any of the suggested supplements mentioned in this article. We wouldn’t want to add more stress to your already insurmountable weight.

1. Melatonin

Description: While sleeping, your brain releases melatonin. This sleep hormone is significant in reaching deep sleep. Naturally produced by the body in the evening, melatonin relaxes you and makes you feel sleepy. It causes the mind and body to relax. The body releases melatonin as you proceed with your day, keeping up with the natural cycle of nature. As it gets darker outside, your body begins to release melatonin. Exposure to artificial light affects melatonin production, thus reducing sleep quality.

Sleep is essential to healthy and dewy skinIf you have been having trouble sleeping, you know too well the miserable effects of this on your skin and body. Lack of sleep results in hormonal imbalances, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and depression. So, if you want to look younger, you must have a high quality of sleep first and foremost. Or, you could acquire cosmetics to hide blemishes, specifically the must-try Korean makeup box.

Stress buster: Taking melatonin before bedtime can help initiate your body’s natural ability to release these hormones, ensuring a good night’s sleep. Managing stress can easily be done when one has enough sleep, so it’s good to start with this one.

Dosage: Melatonin tablets are commonly available in 3 mg dosages and should be taken 45-60 minutes before going to bed. During this time, avoid artificial light such as that from your phone, tablet, and television that can decrease the body’s natural response to melatonin. Do not take melatonin during the day as this can cause drowsiness. When taking supplements for your heart, kidney, or liver, be sure to check with your doctor for possible side effects.

Side effects: Potential effects from taking melatonin include dizziness, short-term feelings of depression, headaches, and some irritability. You must only take this supplement when you need to regulate your sleep-wake cycle, or when you’re having difficulty sleeping. You must not depend on it for life.

Valerian plant2. Valerian Root

Description: Known in Latin as “Valeriana officinalis,” valerian root is found in essential oils, teas and capsule forms. It is a root found in the valerian plant used for its relaxation effects on the body and mind. It can also be used before bedtime to help induce sleep.

Valerian root relaxes you and helps you combat all the negativity in your life. It is also one of the so-called “elixirs of youth” as it is touted to help you look younger, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and smoothes out your skin.

Stress buster: By increasing the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in your brain to induce relaxation, valerian root can be used to calm anxiety. It can help a person get to sleep better, faster, and can allow your skin to rejuvenate from all the stresses of life.

Dosage: Available in capsules and teas, valerian root should be taken within an hour before hitting the sack. Make sure you take it at night and test how the effects take place in your body.

Side effects: Valerian root, being all-natural, has no reported adverse effects on the body so far. But there are still those who may not be used to the herb and may experience an upset stomach, dry mouth, headaches, and daytime drowsiness. There are also the possibilities of effects from drug interactions.

3. L-theanine

Description: An amino acid naturally found in green tea and other teas from Camellia sinensis, L-theanine has relaxation effects that can help combat daily stress. It also eases out the signs of aging by helping clear out your pores and making your skin look supple.

Stress buster: With no sedative effects, L-theanine assists the body and mind in relaxation. It is also touted to help you stay positive and allows you to combat depression better.

Dosage: Supplements are in 100-200mg capsule or pill form. Effects of relaxation are slowly released in the body, starting from the feet to your head. Don’t expect it to make you feel relaxed immediately. Since it is a natural supplement, the effects take time to be felt. Aside from capsules and pills, there are also teas that include L-theanine.

Side effects: For short-term use, there are no known side effects to L-theanine so far. Research on long-term side effects is yet to be conducted. The limited data we have from clinical studies report dizziness, GI symptoms, and headaches as some of its side effects.

4. Niacin

Description: Known as Vitamin B3, niacin is found naturally in plants and animals. While it is found in food, it is also found in other supplements and commercial multivitamins.

Meat is rich in niacinStress Buster: There are several vital roles niacin plays in the body. Some of these tasks include aiding in DNA repair, the synthesis of steroidal hormones, and giving of extra energy. It also helps in vasodilation, relaxing the muscle tissue in the arteries to increase blood flow. Vasodilation helps in lowering blood pressure, which then has positive effects in regulating your body system. It also helps flush out toxins in your body, giving you a fresh look each time.

Dosage: Available in pill or capsule form, niacin can be taken any time of the day after full meals. Take it with a glass of cold water as heat can induce various side effects. Do not ingest too much of this supplement as this may have adverse effects on your body. Consult with your doctor if you are taking other drugs with niacin.

Side Effects: “Flushing,” which is similar to blushing, is noticed immediately after taking the supplement. Mild side effects include nausea, sweating, muscle pain, and dizziness.

5. Magnesium

Description: Magnesium can be found most commonly in foods, such as in nuts, seafood, meat, dairy, and leafy greens. This dietary mineral is essential to the body as it is found in more than 300 biochemical processes in the body. It helps regulate your metabolism and helps you flush out toxins from your body.

Magnesium deficiency is common due to improper diets, thus causing health problems, increasing stress and anxiety.

Stress Buster: Magnesium supports the adrenal system in providing the needed energy to manage stress. It helps you spread out your energy for the day, thus allowing you to endure cardiovascular and strength exercises.

Dosage: Available in pill or capsule form, magnesium can also be included in many other multivitamins. It is recommended to take 310-400 mg per day if you don’t take much of it in food form.

Side Effects: There are reports of upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea. More severe side effects are experienced by those who take more than the recommended dose.

Aside from healthy eating, exercise, and beauty routine habits, you can also include these supplements to your diet to help you fight the signs of aging. Taking a holistic approach will help you the energetic body, sharp mind, and flawless skin that you have always dreamed of.